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TreeFrog Bikes Racks
TreeFrog bike racks are held on by "Powerful" suction mounted vacuum cups, these bike racks are suitable for most vehicles and can hold up to 3 bikes safely on the vehicle.

Options available for thru-axle forks select 12mm, 15mm, 15mm boost & 20mm options or just standard quick release. Buy TreeFrog Bike Racks Here...

TreeFrog Roof Cross Bars
TreeFrog Cross Bars Include a pair of roof bars which are held on by "Powerful" suction mounted vacuum cups & are suitable for most vehicles.

This is the ideal solution to carry ski's, snowboards & kayak's on the roof of your vehicle with a maximum load capacity of up to 60kg. Buy TreeFrog Cross Bars Here....

TreeFrog Accessories
We sell additional parts & accessories for use with TreeFrog racks.

Need to mount 12mm, 15mm, 15mm boost or 20mm thru axle bikes to your rack or vehicle, Boost spacers & locks also available. Buy TreeFrog Accessories Here...

TreeFrog Ski Racks
TreeFrog ski racks are compatible for holding up to four ski's or two snowboards.

Powerful suction mounted vacuum cups secure the rack to the vehicle and are designed for most vehicles. Buy TreeFrog Ski Racks Here...

Looking for a solution to transport your bike?

Owners of cars & sports cars without recognisable fixture or fittings now have a safe & durable solution!

TreeFrog bike racks allows you to transport your bike from one place to another simply & easily without getting mud, dirt or grease all over the vehicles seats & trim.

There are many options available to attach a bike to a vehicle ie towbar, roof rack or rear boot - but it is not suitable for everyone.

TreeFrog bike racks are the new obvious solution to transport your road bike, mtb bike, jump bike or BMX safely & conveniently.

TreeFrog bikes racks are compact reasonably priced and take minutes to fit.

TreeFrog bike racks simply attach to the vehicles roof or rear boot with independent suction vacuum pumps.

TreeFrog bike racks Pro edition have been fully TUV approved & can safely be used of speeds of up top 80mph (130kph).

See how easy it is to fit the TreeFrog bike racks.

All TreeFrog bike racks include fittings to attach a bike with standard quick release wheels & 15mm x 100mm Thru Axles.

(If you have a different size Thru Axel ie 12mm / 15mm x 110mm Boost, 20mm or lefty style fork mount we give you the option to swap or buy at a later date).

TreeFrog bike racks are compatible with most vehicles and are suitable for metal, fibre glass, carbon fibre & even glass roof.

The rubber vacuum suction cups are very powerful and have a max pull rating of 110kg each.

The Treefrog vacuum suction cups are made of rubber so does not scratch your roof & they are also UV protected so will not fade.
Rubber vacuum suction cups are ideal for vehicles with a curved roof as they conform to the natural curvature. TreeFrog bike racks have now introduced products with the same vacuum suction pads such as ski racks, cross bars & snowboard racks.

All TreeFrog racks axle mountings are available to purchase separately should you be looking to carry your bike in the rear of a van or pick-up, please see example.

12mm Thru Axle, 15mm Thru Axle, 15mm Boost Thru Axle, 20mm Thru Axle & Lefty fork mount adaptors.


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