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TentBox Lite

Great for smaller cars, the Lite is our entry-level TentBox.
With a fold-out design, the Lite takes up the smallest amount of roof space when closed, but folds out to create an amazing sleeping pod when open. Set up time of 2-5 minutes.
Sleeps 3

TentBox Classic

Great for all-round adventure, the Classic is the original TentBox.
You can keep all your bedding and the ladder inside whilst closed making it a breeze to setup, and it’s got a really comfy mattress. Set-up time of just 60 seconds.
Sleeps 2

TentBox Cargo

Great for hardcore adventure, the Cargo is our most robust model.
With the ability to mount additional equipment on top, a comfy mattress, and a spacious design, it’s your ticket to serious exploration. Set up time of just 60 seconds.
Sleeps 2


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