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Roof Bars
Roof Bars, Roof Rack, Roof Rails which is which....?

Roof Bars are bars which fit across the vehicle allowing a platform so you can attach accessories like Roof Boxes | Bike Carriers | Ski Racks & Kayak Carriers

Roof Rails are attached to some estate, mpv & suv vehicles and fit front to back of the roof of the vehicle. You will still require a pair of roof bars to attach accessories.

There is 2 types of roof rails available.
Option 1. Open Roof Rails - This is where you have a gap between the roof & the rail of the vehicle.

Option 2. Flush Integrated Roof Rails - This is where you have no gap between the roof & the rails, it is simply a solid flush roof rail.

We have a two different brands available Thule & Green Valley. If you are looking for a premium set of roof bars we would recommend Thule as they are more robust and offer a 5 year warranty. You
will also find that the Thule roof bars are much easier to fit. If you are on a budget the Green Valley roof bars which we sell are a perfect option as the price in comparison with Thule are much more friendly on your wallet.

Find the correct roof bars for your vehicle

Which Fitment do you have?
There is several different types of fitment for attaching roof bars to your vehicle Fix Points, Flush Roof Rails, Open Roof Rails, T Profile Rails, Traditional Fitment. You must select the correct fitment for your vehicle, see below.

Fix Points - Located on the roof of your vehicle will be location points and this is where roof bars locate.
Flush Rails - These are rails that run from front to back of the vehicles roof and they do not have a gap between the roof and the rails.
Open Rails - These are rails that run from front to back of the vehicles roof and they have a gap between the roof and the rails.
T Profile Rails - These are a flat low profile rail that run from front to back of the vehicles roof but unlike flush or open rails they have a open channel.
Normal Roof - This is when you do not have any fix points or rails. The roof bars will then locate around the edge of the vehicles door frame.

All of the roof bar fitments above are supplied and fitted to the vehicle as new out of the factory.

Should i spend more money on aluminium aerodynamic roof bars?
Ok, this is entirely up to you but i can explain the benefits. Roof Bars in general will cause wind noise and sometimes the noise created can be horrendous. Aerodynamic roof bars are designed to dramatically reduce wind noise and drag. The drag caused by roof bars can reflect in your petrol/ diesel costs mpg so the need to make roof bars as aerodynamic as possible has hit a ultimate high.
Thule WingBar roof bars are the most quite roof bars available on the market. They have been designed in the shape of a aeroplane wing which allows a smooth flow through the air and dramatically reducing the wind noise.

Extra feature of aluminium aerodynamic roof bars is that a good quality pair will have a fully usable working T track cross section.
Standard 20mm T Track Cross Section.
The T track cross section should be a standard size of 20mm across. This gives you the option to use the full width of the roof bars by using T track bolts that slide in to the T track and then your accessories can be bolted down.

Find the correct roof bars for your vehicle

Suction Mounted Racks
Maybe your lucky enough to own a sports car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus or even a Tesla and you want to carry a roof box or bike carrier . We can supply roof bars suitable for almost any vehicle using suction technology see our TreeFrog or SeaSucker products from roof bars to bike carriers.

This TreeFrog suction mounted roof cross bars are compatible for almost any vehicle and are able to carry a max load of 60kg. This will enable you to carry your roof box even if you have a Tesla with no possible solution to fit a set of roof bars.

The TreeFrog Cross Bars can be used on so many different vehicles and is perfect for anyone who wants to have x1 set of roof bars for all vehicles.
Most type of roof bars are bolted to the vehicle but with this TreeFrog Cross Bars it simply uses suction cups which do not damage any paint work.
They make light work when it comes to fitting, super fast installation see video below.

The blade shape roof bars reduces drag as they are aerodynamic which helps fuel economy and wind noise.