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Thule RoofTop Tents - Leicester - Goode Leisure

Thule RoofTop Tents - Leicester - Goode Leisure

Thule RoofTop Tents Now Available in Leicester.

We are very happy to announce that we are an official Thule dealer / stockist of a wide range of roof top tents in Leicester!

Take camping to the next level by elevating your camping experience. The Thule roof top tents are quick and easy to set up and simply attach onto roof rack cross bars.
See here for all roof rack cross bars.
The Thule roof top tents are designed to withstand the elements. Includes a built-in mattress which makes them more comforatable than a traditional tent. They are available in different sizes & styles and can accomodate up to four people.

We offer a wide range of accessories for your Thule rooftop tent...

Tent organizer
Tent table
Bed sheets
Boot bag
Anti-Condensation mat
Insulator for the colder nights

Pop in to our showroom in Leicester to see the Thule Ayre rooftop tent and ask for a demostration..


Why buy a Thule rooftop tent?

Simply fact is that rooftop tents are more comfortable! Take the hassel out of setting up, simply unzip and fold out. Setting the Thule rooftop tents up is so easy it takes just a couple of minutes. Also when temperatures drop at night sleeping of the grouns will keep you much warmer.

Here is 5 reasons why.
Van Lifestyle - No need to buy an expensive campervan / motorhome, simply attach the Thule rooftop tents to your exsisting roof rack cross bars and away you go.
Comfort - Thule rooftop tents have a built-in comfortable high-density foam mattress with zero set-up required.
Panoramic Views - Panoramic skylights and windows which allow you to stargaze & keeps the tent cool & well ventilated.
Extra Storage - With your tent being on top of your vehicle this clears up more space in your vehicle for luggage.
Fast Set-Up - Have more time relaxing & enjoying yourselfs without spending hours setting up your tent & mattress.


Thule RoofTop Tents Available..

Thule Tepui Ayre - Sleeping footprint 213 x 122 cm, Quick set-up time, 2 Person Tent, Withstands the elements & Choice of 2 colours.

Thule FootHill - Half width roof tent which frees up space for bikes, kayaks or gear. Skylights and panoramic windows, Folds campactly but is still spacious, Withstands the elements, 2 Person tent.

Thule Approach - Modern shape creates an extra spacious interior, Huge windows for stargazing and ventilation, Lockable mounting brackets, Quick Installation - Under 3 minutes, Versatile rain cover with 3 modes of protection.

Thule Tepui Kukenam - Usable all year-round, Withstands the elements, Sleeping footprint 244 x 142 cm, 3 Person Tent, Quick set-up time, Good ventilation.

Thule Basin - Hard shell, The fastest setup in under a minute, Pops straight up for maximum interior space, Converts to a cargo carrier.