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Bike Carriers



Towbar Bike Racks
Towbar mounted bike racks are easy to install and use, they enable you to carry up to 4 bikes.

Perfect bike carrier rack for professional cyclist or family holidays.
Towbar mounted bike racks have more benefits like most models have built in lights which are a legal requirement and can come fully lockable.

Towbar Bike Carriers are typically slightly more price point but will last for years from £69- All Thule towbar mounted bike racks are compatible with swan neck, detachable and standard flange towbars because they attach directly on to the vehicles tow ball. Find a Thule towbar bike carrier rack here....

Roof Bar Bike Racks
Roof mounted bike racks are one of the most popular choices to carry bikes on your vehicle.

The benefit of carrying bikes on the roof of your vehicle is you can simply leave them on when not in use and also leaves your towbar free is towing.

Roof bar mounted bike racks enables you access to the boot of your vehicle and you will be able to carry up to 4 bikes on most vehicles. Find roof bar mounted bike racks here....

Boot Mounted Bike Racks
Rear boot mounted bike racks are known for being the cheapest way of transporting your bikes.

Rear door boot mounted bike racks are typically universal and are ideal for occasional use, they are not typically suitable for vehicles with spoilers and split (barn) doors.

Rear boot mounted bike racks are very popular because unlike towbar or roof mounted bike racks the do not require any additional fittings.

These type of bike carriers may cover your vehicles registration plate and lights so a light board maybe required.

Thule rear boot mounted bike carriers are becoming more popular as they have a vehicle specific application guide which will tell you if it fits your vehicle or not. Find rear boot mounted bike racks here....


Suction Bike Racks
Suction mounted vacuum bike racks are becoming the most popular option of transporting your bike on your vehicle.

Held on by powerful vacuum mounts which takes 1-2 mins to attach and compatible for almost any vehicle saloon, estate, hatchback, mpv, van & suv.

We sell the two leading brands of suction mounted bike racks Seasucker & TreeFrog, ideal bike carrier rack for people with sports cars.

Now this is the best solution for a cyclist who is also a car enthusiasm..

Bike carrier rack for a Porsche or Ferrari suction mounted bike carrier racks have you covered. Additional adapters maybe required for bikes with thru-axle system. Find suction mounted bike racks here...